You are on your Disney World vacation, the vacation you have saved and saved for and….it’s raining. Depending on what time of year you go this could happen once a day. Typically during the hotter months there is a thunder storm everyday. These are easy to deal with just go into any one of the many shops or restaurants for a few minutes until it passes.

However what if you are on one of those trips where it rains the entire day? Have no fear, there are many options available to you. If the rainy day happens to fall in the middle of your trip it might be a good idea to take it easy, use the day to rest up. That doesn’t mean sleep all day, just take it slower. You can take a hotel tour or look for hidden Mickeys. Some resorts have activity centers or planned activities through out the day. The next suggestion isn’t an all day activity but it can pass the time, get a movie from the rec hall if you are staying at a DVC resort. You can always take advantage of the resort spas and health clubs. Or you could go swimming, hey you are going to get wet anyway. That being said try out Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. Another activity is to hotel hop, check out other resorts.

The best park for a rainy day is Epcot. It has the most indoor attractions and the only ride to be shut down due to the rain is Test Track. Why you ask? Just imagine getting hit with a rain drop at sixty five miles an hour. The worst park to go to during a rainy day is Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom has the least amount of indoor attractions. The park that has the most shut downs during bad weather is the Magic Kingdom. The rides that shut down are Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Goofy’s Barnstormer and soon to be the Seven Dwarves Mine Cart. In really bad weather Dumbo, Astro Orbiter, Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA), Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Swiss Family Tree House and The Jungle Cruise will shut down as well. At Hollywood Studios most attractions will be open, Lights Motors Action, the Backlot Tour and Indiana Jones may close. Parades, fireworks and street shows are also subject to the weather. Character spots will also be relocated when it rains.

Another option is to go to Downtown Disney. There you will find Disney Quest, an arcade and interactive game location that has six floors, all indoors. Or, catch a movie at the AMC Theaters. Maybe do the Fork and Screen where you have food brought to you while you watch a movie. Go to Splitsville where the whole family can enjoy bowling. However you could do one of my wife’s top choices and go shopping.

With all the fun things to do on a rainy day there is one that my family likes to do above all others. Before we go we have our trip planned out, so we put on our ponchos and head to the parks. We know even with the ponchos we will still get wet. We also know we have packed extra clothes and shoes, so we brave the parks and have a soaking good time. There is also an advantage to this, the parks are not as crowded and we can explore them without much of a wait and slow down.

So remember when it begins to rain it’s not the end of your vacation fun. Let us know what your favorite rainy day activities you have on vacation.

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