Beware: You will get wet. It says so right on the signs. But it’s lots of fun, according to kids like my 7-year old daughter, our guest contributor and a “veteran” of the ride:

“If you go on Kali River Rapids you can see and do lots of fun things. You can name all of the animal statues when you see them. You can sit next to one person in you family. You can hide behind them to try to stay dry. But don’t tease about getting soaked, because you will get soaked too. Try not to get too wet, but if you tease and then get wet, it’s your fault. If you do get soaked, hope you are hot and cool off on the raft. Don’t worry too much about it, you can always bring a change of clothes or run around in the sun. Those are your tips about Kali River Rapids.”

There are indeed plenty of dry off spots for the whole family in the walk around the park..walking along the bridge to Dinoland will let you see the theater in the round for finding Nemo, leading right to the boneyard. Take advantage of the break for a few minutes and let the kids have some fun…at least that’s what kids say..