When you plan a vacation and start to think what you want to do, there are a lot of choices out there. You can travel cross country, visit historic sites, go to amusement parks or plan a beach vacation. A lot of times you have to figure out what’s the best bang for your buck, what amenities you want, and how you want to be pampered on your trip. So, what draws people time and time again to a Disney World vacation? For my family it is simple. We live close to the ocean and it’s a mile to the town beach, so a beach vacation isn’t exactly what we look for. We also live within an hour and a half from a Six Flags and other amusement parks so we can go ride rides if that’s what we want.

For us it’s the little things that draw us to Walt Disney World. Let’s start when we arrive at our Disney Resort. As we enter the lobby we are greeted and told “Welcome Home”. It may not sound like much but to us as Disney Vacation Club members, it is. We have an ownership and a vested interest in the magic and feel that it truly is a second home for us. Another Disney saying that we enjoy is when they tell us to “have a magical day”. This has a lasting effect on people and reminds you that you are in a magical place where fantasy can be real. When we return home from our vacation this helps prolong the fun of our vacation since my kids will say it from time to time and we will relive the memories made. My wife and I also like the fact that when we need to sign for things (like the bill at the end of a meal or worse the end of vacation) they will ask for your autograph, not your signature. We feel it eases the pain slightly. There is also the integrity of the characters. Whenever you meet them for a meal or an autograph they are exactly the way you expect them to be from the movies and shows. Or how special your child feels when they are called prince or princess. That experience will soon be enhanced with magic bands where the characters can see your child’s name on a screen above them and greet them using his or her name. Being able to participate in the street shows, parades and stage shows are another part of special Disney touches. The Disney inspired towel animals and the other details “Mousekeeping” (the name of the hotel’s house keeping service) does in the rooms makes our children’s eyes light up when we return to the room. Also, don’t negate the power of the my first visit or anniversary or newlywed buttons they give out. They can help make your trip extra special with the help of an observant Cast Member.

Although there are many more examples of the little things, I will leave you with one more before ending this article. The one thing over all things as to why guests return time and time again are the Cast Members. These dedicated people are what make your vacations. They are responsible for making all those “little things” happen.

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