Are you the person they always ask? Friends coming up to you that may be planning that first trip to Walt Disney World? Maybe they are actually planning out a second trip because the first trip was overwhelming and looking for some advice?
Well, let’s just say that happens to some of us every month and the truth is….we actually love it. That chance to re-live you last visit as you explain to a newbie the importance of Fastpass or Mid-day break is as enjoying for us as it is helpful for them.
So why is it that people always seem a bit reserved until the conversation begins to hit its stride? Who hasn’t been on the sideline at your kid’s soccer game and seen a quiet conversation between two parents bloom into a fun discussion with five others over where to stay on Disney property? Or how many days to
be on a Disney cruise?
Those experiences just prove that when it comes to Disney, everyone has an opinion…and they like to share it. The sharing of Disney knowledge is a fun pastime and it’s more than time that we all embrace it.
So, please read on through the posts on this site. Pretend we are on that soccer field or the neighborhood cookout. Share your comments and the experiences of your own family. It’s a help to everyone and we all look forward to it.