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Often in the parks we hear about all of the variety of food and treats available to experience in Walt Disney World. There is definitely no lack of truth to that statement. However for those who may also be looking to try something new of the adult beverage variety, we wanted to share some tips. Today, we will look at the Parks, next time we will focus on the resorts.

Magic Kingdom Park:
This one is short and sweet, as MK has always been a dry park. Focus here for beverages are more of the Orange bird lemonade variety. However there is an opportunity to try European beer or wine during a table service dinner at Be Our Guest inside the castle of the Beast (Fantasyland).

Just the opposite of Magic Kingdom, the variety of interesting beverages in this park is tremendous. Most of the opportunity exists within World Showcase, so we will focus there. As you enter the showcase at Canada or Mexico, you will have the opportunity to sample the beers and wine of each country at stands outside of each pavilion. However there are a few extra special places to really stretch your taste buds.
Over in Mexico there is La Cava de Tequila, whose name suggests it all. Set in a cave like atmosphere inside the pyramid, one can sample Margaritas with flavors that you may have never imagined.
Moving up a few countries, at the Germany pavilion, we have the Biergarten. Inside a raucous oompah band plays on stage while giving travelers a change to enjoy giant mugs of German beer, outside is one of Epcot’s more interesting beer carts, constantly updating the types of German ales available seasonally.
As we arrive over at the Italy pavilion, we have the new Tutto Gusto wine bar with a tremendous selection and small food plates. Nearby in France, the outdoor stands serve various wines and frozen slushes meant only for adults.
Lastly, coming around to the England pavilion, we arrive at perhaps Epcot’s most well known spot, The Rose and Crown. The establishment is a restaurant with a full English Pub environment. Alongside the bar you will have the opportunity to listen to a live piano player that raises the spirits(no pun intended) of any family in range. The selection of English and Irish ales are excellent, available in half yards if you want to go there. As with most of the Epcot beverage stands, 20 oz plastic souvenir mugs are available at the Rose and Crown outside service. Highly recommend theses as they are almost unbreakable and double as good souvenirs for the adults in your crowd.

Hollywood Studios:
Another park where beverage stands are aplenty, however not nearly as wide a sampling opportunity. There are a few quality spots to sit and enjoy a beverage, so we will look at our ideal stops that way.
First off on sunset blvd, down by tower of terror and rockin roller coaster are the counters of Fairfax fare and Toluca legs, which serve familiar American ales. The high point is here is sitting with one on a bench and listening to the screams from the tower or a bench inside the nearby setting for beauty and the beast, live on stage.
Next stop is the oasis canteen alongside the Indiana jones stunt show. Grab and go again to view familiar action with our favorite archeologist.
Last one here is the destination as well, the Tune in lounge next to 50s prime time cafe. With a cozy environment meant to resemble your parents living room, there is a great mixed drink selection right out of the past century.

Animal Kingdom:
In our last park, there is a similar setup to the studios. Grab and go ales to sit and view thrill rides. Let’s start with the flame tree barbecue or the yak and yeti to go cafe. Either is a spot to try a Safari Amber while you watch the action in Dinoland USA or Asia, respectively.
However the top choice here is the Dawa bar, a functioning outdoor bar in Africa, next to Tusker house. Quite a few African ales are available here, all worth trying.

Final look:
Looking at the beverage opportunities in the Parks, the advice here is to not miss the opportunity to go inside the Rose and Crown pub for the ales and atmosphere. Runner up would be any of the various world showcase stands or the African ales at the Dawa bar. Don’t forget to bring home your souvenir mug!