In my opinion, Hollywood Studios is the hardest park to navigate. You have to recognize that you will not be able to hit all of the shows and may have to sacrifice rides to see shows. There are some very hard decisions to make at this park if you are only going to be there for one day. If you have two days for Hollywood Studios, you should be able to do everything.
Generally, people head right to Toy Story Midway Mania (my family does not anymore). There are two simple reasons: the ride line is instantly long (unless you get there at rope drop and have no kids in tow) and the line to get fastpasses can be up to a half hour long. We take this opportunity to hit other attractions. Typically we go right to Voyage of the Little Mermaid. When that lets out, we go right to Disney Junior (the timing should be perfect). From there we head to Star Tours, this is one of my favorite rides so I generally go on it (if it’s a short wait 10 or 15 minutes) with my daughters and fastpass it for later as well. Next we go to Muppet Vision 3D-all my kids love this attraction. After Muppets we go to Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Playset. While there I take on my runner duties again and go all the way to Rockin’ Roller Coaster (if we plan to rider swap or have extra adults with us). After the kids have burned off some energy and we used our Star Tours fastpasses, we have lunch. Usually we enjoy a sit down restaurant (Sci-fi Dine In Theater or 50’s Prime Time) to cool off. After lunch it’s time for a show (Beauty and The Beast) then it’s time for Rockin’ Roller Coaster (if lunch is settled). Another tough part of this park is the fright level of certain attractions for younger guests, so it’s nice to have somebody along to swap with so you can go on attractions with your significant other. We get in as many shows as we can and leave in the early afternoon.