Throughout your stay at a Walt Disney World vacation you will hear a lot of terms and phrases that might not make any sense to you. Some of these terms will begin even before you get there and you will find them during your planning. Here are a few of the terms you might see or hear.
The most important term you will hear is Castmember. Castmember is the term used for Disney employees, they are the ones that make the trip so special.

Guest- This is pretty simple you are a guest, at Disney World you are not a customer.

AP holder- This is referred to as a person who has an annual pass or premium annual pass.

ADR- Advanced Dining Reservation- ADRs are a place holder used for the most popular table service restaurants. There are a few restaurants in which you must book an ADR for six months in advance. We will discuss these in a future post.

DDP- Disney Dinning Plan- DDP is when you prepay for your meals, provided you are a Disney resort guest. You must have the plan for each night of your stay and every person in your room must have it. There are multiple types of plans, the three main plans are, deluxe which includes three sit down meals a day, two snacks and a resort refillable mug. Standard includes one sit down meal, one quick service, one snack per day and a resort refillable mug. Quick service includes two quick service meals, one snack and a resort refillable mug. Before jumping right on to one of these plans make sure that you do the math and figure out if it is the right value for you. Out of all Disney families we know only one of them uses the plan. The main reason is that the meals are paid for before they go.

Table Service- Table service is referred to any restaurant that you have a sit down meal and are waited on by a Castmember.

Quick Service- any fast food style dining.

DVC- Disney Vacation Club- DVC is a Disney owned time share in which you buy points. The points are used to stay at various deluxe resorts at Disney World. If you are a Disney fan and go every year or every couple of years you may want to make an investment in DVC it can save you a lot of money.

Magical Express- If you are flying into the Orlando airport, Disney offers complimentary transportation to and from your resort which is called Magical Express.

Rope Drop- When someone says rope drop in Disney terms this means the opening for the day.

TTC- Ticket and Transportation Center- TTC is a central location where you can buy park tickets, get busses, monorails or ferries to the theme parks, water parks, Downtown Disney, the Wide World of Sports Complex and any other Disney location on property.

Disney Transportation- This is the complimentary bus service to and from the theme parks, water parks, TTC and Downtown Disney.

Guest Relations- There is a guest relations at the entrances to every park. At guest relations you can buy park tickets, including annual passes, get special event tickets and get answers to almost any questions you have.

EMH-Extra Magic Hours- These are times in which the theme parks are open an hour early or stay open two hours later. These extra hours are only available to resort guests. If you attend morning EMHs you have to present your room key and make sure you are in the right entry line and not the day pass holder lines. During the evening hours you have to show your room key card prior to going on each attraction.

Attraction- This is what Disney terms their rides. The reason for this is due to the fact that you are immersed in your environment the second you walk into the line for the attraction. An example of this is at Splash Mountain, look at the signs on the wall (Rabbit Tales newspaper) and the scenery you will see Brair Frog and other animals from Song of the South.

FP-Fastpass- Fastpass is when you put your park ticket into a kiosk near certain attractions. This kiosk will give you your ticket back and also a ticket with a return time to go on the attraction in a shorter line. This will eventually be replaced by fastpass plus. Fastpass plus is making a ride reservation before going on the trip similar to an ADR.

Magic Bands- No, this is not a musical group, they are wrist bands that you can swipe to charge small items. You will also be able to use it to get fastpasses in the very near future.

Streetmosphere- This is the street shows that are performed throughout the day at each of the parks.

Photopass- This is a service provided by Disney in which Disney photographers will take your picture with their cameras. After taking your picture they will hand you a card similar to a credit card this will have a QR code on it and an ID number. You do not need a new card for every photographer you go to, you can use this card over and over during your trip. The code on the back of the card can be used to buy the pictures taken by Disney Castmembers when you get home or just before you leave your vacation. Quick tips- take a picture of the code on the back with your phone or camera that way if you lose it still have the number to enter into the computer and retrieve the pictures. Disney photographers will also take pictures of you with your camera too.

Audio Animatronic- This was the name given by Walt to describe the life like machines that adorn many of the attractions at Walt Disney World. The most advanced Audio Animatronic to date is Hopper in It’s Tough to be a Bug.

Omnimover- Omnimovers are used in attractions like the Haunted Mansion or The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Under Sea Adventure. In these ride systems the cars in the attraction never stop and keep moving while you enter using a conveyor belt that moves at the speed of the ride vehicle.

I know there are more Disney terms used by I don’t want this post to be a mile long so I will end here. However if I forgot one that must be known to everyone, please leave a comment on here, like us on Facebook at Disneyhelp or follow us on Twitter @Disneyhelp.