Opened in early 2013, New Fantasyland served to both re-imagine and expand Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. The transformation is nothing short of incredible from a family perspective. What was once a crammed corridor of families and strollers has now expanded by twice its original size. The pathway to the expansion begins where the traditional Dumbo ride once stood. In its place is a castle-themed entrance leading to a path towards the new princess themed attractions.
Due to the setup of some of the rides and the popular nature of anything new, our advice is to hit this land first thing after rope drop..while following the order laid out here.
First up, in our opinion, is Enchanted Tales with Belle…enter into Maurice’s cottage to see the beginning of the inventions as they lead to Belle’s story. After a magical journey though the wall mirror, we find ourselves inside the castle ready to participate in the story itself. Each child is offered the chance to be part of the show..and participate or not, each is given a Belle bookmark as a thank you before you head out. As you can imagine the experience tying a character interaction with an intimate group setting will slow down this line through the day. Cannot stress enough to get in here to start your day.
Next in our tour is Under the Sea, the journey of the little mermaid. A quick loading clam shell ride, this one is worth walking through the stand by que. Every 10 feet brings another interaction with a sea creature. Afterwards enjoy the ride through the music of the Little Mermaid. Each song is recreated in the imagination of the original movie.
Once done with Mermaid, move on down to Storybook Circus. There you will encounter the new Dumbo the flying elephant. Twice the size of the original, with an air-conditioned tent in the middle of the stand-by que, the new Dumbo has completely changed the waiting experience for both parents and children. After the ride, step on down to the right to the Barnstormer, a slight revision to the original Toontown ride. Kids will enjoy it as they move onto the Casey jr. soak station and Pete’s silly side show (a character meet and greet). As with the Little Mermaid ride, these Storybook Circus rides load relatively quickly and can be done throughout the morning.
Overall the expansion takes over the area behind the original as well as any Fantasyland fan could hope…and it’s still not complete. The final piece of the puzzle will debut in 2014: The Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Looking forward to yet one more coaster in the Magic Kingdom.