When you are traveling with little ones, managing the day is important. As discussed previously, melt-downs for kids and adults are usually a byproduct of trying to do too much.

This is why we try to look at touring the Magic Kingdom over two mornings. Think of it as spreading the enjoyment of Disney World’s main attraction throughout your trip.

So, lets start with day 1. You have arrived at the park, moved through security and on to Main Street USA. For most of the party, soak it in, look around. However, every party should designate a “runner” to be sent ahead to obtain fastpasses for the group.
The new attractions in Fantasyland will be first on our list, but we will actually send our runner to obtain fastpasses for Peter Pan to be enjoyed after 10am. So..first on to New Fantasyland!
Enchanted tales with Belle is your classic slow-moving fantasyland attraction. So get in line early is our suggestion. Afterwards move on to the line of Under the Sea. The Que here looks incredible, with an easy loading line on to the clam shells. Afterwards back to the original fantasy land to enjoy Peter Pan…and it’s a small world..the carrousel..and Mickey’s PhilarMagic. Sometime in that mix, send your runner to obtain fastpasses to Splash or Thunder Mountain. After the fantasyland run, head to either Haunted mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean before the Mountain. Then use that FP for the mountain. Afterwards, head back to your hotel..you have done enough today.

Day 2: You have arrived again at the Magic Kingdom. After your walk up Main Street head to Tomorrowland. Grab a fastpass to space mountain. Enjoy a quick spin through Buzz Lightyear, a relaxing ride on the people mover and then head over to grab a fastpass to Winnie the Pooh before riding space mountain …and sending your younger folks to Dumbo. What was once the worst line in old Fantasyland looks to be the most enjoyable in New Fantasyland. An interactive que-circus playlet allows your family to rest in the AC while waiting for your ride. After riding Dumbo, head over to the barnstormer and rest of Storybook Circus.
Now it’s time to use the FP for Space Mountain or finish anything remaining of the original fantasyland, while sending the runner to FP the other mountain (Thunder or Splash) left from day 1. Enjoy the fantasyland end, use this time to stop by the other main WDW attraction (pirates or haunted mansion) not done on Day 1..as well as either Hall of Presidents or even the Jungle Cruise. Ride the other mountain win your FP. Before heading out, stop at Monsters inc comedy floor for a nice air-conditioned show. Then back to your hotel pool for some r&r..

Well..that’s the majority of Magic Kingdom in two mornings..hope you enjoyed.