Just like the Magic Kingdom, be at EPCOT for rope drop, the early bird definitely catches the worm on this vacation and know where you are going when you get in. The first thing we do is send a runner, me, to Soarin’ and get fastpasses then I meet my wife and kids at Test Track. After Test Track I go on Mission Space Orange since nobody else in my family will and I meet them at the Land Pavilion. While in the Land waiting for Soarin’, we go on Living with the Land. Since my older son is afraid of heights and my younger son is too short, we take turns going on. Since we have six tickets and only four of us will ride, my wife will ride with our two daughters while I get a snack for the boys at Sunshine Seasons food court in the Land Pavilion. After my wife and daughters get off the ride I take the girls right back on with the other fastpass tickets. My wife loves Living with the Land and will typically go on again with the boys while waiting for the girls and I. After we are finished with the Land Pavilion we head for the Seas with Nemo and Friends. After exploring everything the Seas has to offer including Turtle Talk with Crush we go to the Imagination Pavilion. On a side note, if you are a certified diver there is a tour where you can go diving in the Seas, it is a great experience and I go at least every other trip there are also programs for non-certified divers too. At the Imagination Pavilion we go on Journey into Imagination with Figment, my youngest son loves this ride and sings the song at home all the time. If we are traveling with other family members my wife and I will see Captain E.O. (it’s too frightening for children). After leaving Imagination Pavilion go to Spaceship Earth. Now that the all rides except for Ellen’s Energy Adventure are done, go to Innoventions East and West, they are great places to go and cool off. Speaking of cooling off go to Club Cool and try different Coke products from other countries, the Beverly is disgusting so have your friends and family try that one it’s fun to watch their faces. Once you are cooled off head over to Ellen’s Energy Adventure, this is one we skip sometimes, it’s a 45 minute ride and we don’t have time every trip. In the middle of all of these attractions we will snack and do a later lunch in World Showcase, we like to “eat around the world” as we call it. Since we know we will be back at EPCOT again in the future we don’t feel pressured to go into every country. However there are some that we have to hit, as the runner, I fastpass Maelstrom and meet my family in Mexico for the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros, another one of my son’s favorites after seeing the movie. Another must see is the American Adventure, keep the show times in mind as you walk around World Showcase.

This example is if you only have one day for EPCOT. If you have multiple days, which I suggest, hit the headliners of Test Track and Soarin’ both days and divide the other attractions into left and right or east and west.

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