There are many, many, many ways to tour the parks, in an ongoing series we will go over a few things that have worked for us. In this series we will talk about touring during the day and do a separate edition for touring at night. The first park we will talk about is the Magic Kingdom, we have a couple of our own plans that have well for us, keeping in mind that if there is a twenty or thirty minute wait, depending on the attraction we will head to a different one.

The first day of vacation we always start with a trip to the Magic Kingdom. As I have said in the past, we drive from Connecticut and arrive at our resort at about 5:30 in the morning this allows us to be at the opening (Rope Drop) at the Magic Kingdom, not to mention it allows us to see the Welcome Show at the prior to park opening. It’s a great way to start off a day at the Magic Kingdom. With the Fantasyland expansion this changed our plan up a little. I am always the “runner” in our group. So what’s a runner you ask, I am the one who goes ahead and gets the fastpasses at the right times (this may change when fastpass Plus is activated). Now that you know what a runner is let’s get to the plan. After we go under the train station my wife, who is a fast walker, will walk towards Enchanted Tales with Belle while I go ahead of them and fastpass Peter Pan. After getting the fastpasses, I meet them at Enchanted Tales with Belle. Next if the Dwarves Mine Cart roller coaster isn’t open, Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Under the Sea Adventure, by this time our fastpasses for Peter should be ready. Another fastpass should be available at this time, send the runner for another fastpasss for Dumbo or The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. After Peter Pan, head straight to It’s a Small World.  At this time it is a good idea to get lunch even though it’s still at little early (11:00am). By this time the crowds for lunch are low, it gives you a chance to beat the crowd and be out in the park while everybody else is trying to find a place to eat. If we are near Liberty Square we like to go to the Columbia Harbour House or Sleepy Hollow. The Columbia Harbour House has a few healthier items on the menu, Sleepy Hollow on the other hand isn’t healthy, my wife loves the Nutella and waffle sandwich (which is funny because she is usually the healthier eater). The Plaza Restaurant is also another great option, there are healthy choices, it is a sit down restaurant but it is inexpensive (Disney prices) and they take Tables in Wonderland.  After lunch head to Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh or Dumbo, whichever you fastpassed. If you picked Dumbo, spend time in Storybook Circus and do the Barnstormer. Once you have had your fill of Storybook Circus head over to the Tea Cups, then Pooh. Next go to Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel then finish out Fantasyland with Mickey’s Philharmagic. Once you have finished Fantasyland, head over to Liberty Square and start exploring, I’m a history dork, and love the detail in this area. If you enter the Liberty Square from the main hub, stop and read the proclamation on the right side after the bridge, it gives you a sense of the era you just walked into.  Even if you are not interested in seeing the Hall of Presidents show, walk through the lobby. There are a lot of interesting historical facts and items on display. If the time is reasonable go on the Haunted Mansion, I would have the kids skip this. At this time you should start looking for a spot for the afternoon parade. If you plan to stay at the Magic Kingdom after the parade staying in Liberty Square is fine to watch the parade. If you are leaving head down to the train station on Main Street, from there you have a couple of options. You could stay at street level and interact with the characters as they come by or go to the train platform that overlooks town square on Main Street it’s a great place to see the parade and take pictures.  In an attempt not to be too long winded we will stop there and I will share the other Magic Kingdom touring option next time.

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