We have touched on packing the day bag and the need for a mid-day break. So how do you plan out the meals through the day when you have a family with little kids if you want the quality sit-down time? We will take you through this option with the how and why.
Start your day with breakfast in your room. Whether you have the full kitchen of a DVC resort or standard hotel rooms at Disney, having breakfast in your room while getting the kids and yourself ready is imperative. This will save your family both time and money which is key to where we are going with this advice.
The second part of that is packing a family lunch. There is no better place to have a picnic than a nice shaded area in Walt Disney World. If you can, shop for lunch provisions and keep them in the (mini)fridge in your room. Pack a box of sandwich bags and a small soft cooler to make this happen before you leave home. Make the sandwiches either during the breakfast prep or even the night before. Lastly, label everyone’s lunch with a sharpie before leaving for the park. My wife does this, which saves us even a few minutes as we distribute at lunchtime…so let me get to that.
After heading out to your park of choice, enjoy the must-do rides early, get your fast passes..hit more attractions. Eventually you will find that window where you need a breather or are waiting for your next fastpass. That is the perfect time for your family picnic. Find some shade, pass out your lunches. When you are done, commence your touring of the park. You may not even realize how much time and money you have just saved, but what you have done is removed the dilemma of how to fit lunch in your day. Which leads to more time for rides and attractions.

After your morning is done, we will always advise heading back for that mid-day break. Enjoy the resort and pool. For many reasons, we advise to stick as close as possible to the time frames that your family dines at home. So, if you are like us, eating by 6p is crucial. To make this happen you can go two ways, the first being to feed the kids in the room or at the resort and then head to the parks for a short window. The second is the way we tend to go: make 530p dining reservations and use the savings that you compiled during the day for a family sit-down meal in the parks. Why is this our favorite? Because it also allows for a nice walk through of the park after dinner and before bed-time of the littlest ones.

The time and money saved during breakfast and lunch makes this more manageable for all.