If you are like my wife, a week before the trip you begin to pack.  If you are like me, you start to pack the day you book the trip.  My wife and I have different specialties when it comes to packing (which was emphasized on a recent trip).  I am good at packing the camera, video camera, park tickets, chargers for said items, financials, trip planning and all confirmation numbers for the resort and dinner reservations.  My packing list is easy compared to my wife’s, she has lists for her lists of what to pack.  Her worries are clothes, medications, kid’s activities in the room and at the parks (see day bag blog), food, snacks, sunblock, hats, sun glasses and any other things we cannot vacation with out.  One of the most important things to pack is two pairs of comfortable shoes.  Between the water rides and the afternoon rain you are bound to have a wet pair of shoes at some point.  What we pack depends on the room type we have.  Since we are DVC Members, and are a large family, we have a two bedroom almost every time.  In the two bedrooms there is a full kitchen with washer and dryer.  The full kitchen allows us to have small meals at the room (who wants to cook on vacation).  As for the washer and dryer, this is a huge help.  We pack less clothes for the vacation which means getting there with less luggage is easier (especially for the guy (typically me) who carries it to the room).  Like the cooking, who wants to do laundry while on vacation?  Well nobody, but it has to be done at some point and my wife likes to put a load in in the morning before we leave and switch it at some point during the day.  Then folds it as the kids are getting settled for the night.  This also means no mad laundry rush when we get home from vacation since the clothes come home clean.  On the off chance that we are staying where we don’t have a kitchen or washer and dryer, it adds to our packing list.  Since we almost always eat breakfast in the room without a kitchen, we bring bowls and plasticware with us for cereal.  We also pack a lot more clothes, although all resorts offer laundry rooms and laundry services.  Then there is all the clothes that need to be washed when you get home.  Whichever way you pack, make sure to have a master list of all the items you need.  As I eluded to before, my wife packed everything for one of our recent trips due to a busy work week for me.  At the Magic Kingdom on our first day I noticed that she had not charged the camera before the vacation.  No problem, I would just charge it when I got back to the room.  When I told her we wouldn’t have a lot of pictures the first day because of the battery power, she panicked immediately and explained that she forgot the battery chargers too.  The moral of this story is to go over the packing list together, have one person put the items in the suit case and the other person check it off the list.

Good luck and enjoy your vacation.

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