If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, then you have seen or been a part of THE MELT DOWN. The melt down can happen at almost any time and to anyone, including adults. Especially adults with kids and this is the final melt down. Let’s talk about our kid’s melt downs first. Due to the fact that kids are unpredictable, the melt down for them can be any time of the day. We had one within the first hour of our day one time. This was a simple fix: we had one child who wanted to go on Peter Pan and another wanted to go on It’s a Small World, so we were able to explain that we would do Peter Pan after It’s a Small World. It was not the end of the world. Our more severe melt downs happen in the afternoons or in the evenings. When they happen in the afternoon it could be for a variety of reasons, but the prominent ones are heat and exhaustion. There are many ways to counter act these elements, with heat the Magic Kingdom has a great way to do this at Dumbo. There is an indoor air conditioned playground at Dumbo while you wait to go on the ride. We have also used this to give the kids some free play time too instead of running from attraction to attraction. Other great places for kids to have some free time are Innoventions at EPCOT, it is inside (air conditioning) and gives them a chance to explore and play. At Hollywood Studios go to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playset. Although it is outside the time letting the kid’s just play is very valuable (and there is a giant watergun that can squirt them). At Animal Kingdom, the Boneyard in Dinoland is also an outside playground. The Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playset and the Boneyard have cast members at the entrance/exit area to make sure there are no runaways. Other ways to avoid the child melt down is to plan an earlier lunch indoors with air conditioning. In addition to cool air and food, it’s a chance to get off your feet. Another option to quell the melt down is to leave the parks for a while, hit the pool and relax.
Now that we went over the kid’s melt downs we are at the final melt down, yours. An adult’s melt down is far worse than any child’s melt down can be. I have seen parents yell at their kids/spouse, drag them along and heard the worst thing you can ever say, “I paid for it you are going to enjoy it”, because yelling at kids and telling them to enjoy works. Ways to get yourself through this is not unlike the ways a child can get over it, just remember not all planning will go as scheduled. However, having a plan will reduce the stress of the trip and help you be more prepared. For example I had some vacation time to use so my wife and I decided to make a last minute trip and surprise the kids. We had a week to plan for the trip and made no plans for any sit down meals and we stayed in rooms without a kitchen. Quick service meals only was the plan. We also tried to do a lot of attractions in a short amount of time: over a couple of days. Since none of us really prepared for the trip, it was a lot to take in. Between being tired and not eating healthy meals it was wearing on all of us. Although we hadn’t planned on table service meals, we were able to get a couple last minute reservations. These small adjustments were life savers for all of us and we were able to avoid the final melt down.

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