I hear all the time that a Walt Disney World vacation is too expensive. Then next thing I hear is, “is it worth it”. Since we discussed cost previously we will address the question “is it worth it”. In my opinion yes, it is worth it. Assuming that any vacation you take there is cost to get there, stay there and to eat. Based on this assumption we will take these factors out. Now, take into account the product that you are getting for the cost. Start with the resorts, the moment you check into your resort you are in the Disney experience from theming to amenities and it’s up to you to choose which amenities and theming that is right for your budget and interests. Next we will talk about park tickets for example the cost for my family of two adults and four kids to have a seven-day park hopper ticket is approximately $2300.00 or $328.57 a day. Now the cost for all of us to annual passes is approximately $3000.00 with the Vacation Club discount. So, why do we buy the annual pass? The way we plan our time is simple. If you plan on spending more than ten days a year at Walt Disney World the annual pass is a must have. With the discounts on rooms (if needed), souvenirs and food it helps pay for itself. So here is the break down. We typically plan multiple trips (usually three) in a twelve month period, our first trip is the most expensive since we have to buy annual passes. During this trip we don’t do as may sit down meals and pack more food to cut costs. During subsequent trips it is a lot cheaper for us, with Disney Vacation Club our room is taken care of and we don’t have to buy passes. During our trips we are there for seven days (longer if we have the time) so let’s say we are in Disney World for twenty-one days a year, the cost per day for park tickets is $142.85 for a family of six, per person per day that is $23.80. Let’s go a little further, although the parks have at least twelve-hour days, except Animal Kingdom, we will assume that we spend eight hours a day in the parks, which means it cost us under $3.00 an hour per person. For the money you spend during a typical day, there are street performers, parades, fireworks, attractions, shows and a family friendly environment that is clean, not to mention the free transportation to and from your resort and the friendly cast members (employees) that make your trip memorable. Believe it or not there are also free items that are given away while in the parks, but that will be another article.

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