If you have small children these are probably the three most important words to you on a Walt Disney World vacation. Why you ask? Well, first of all what is a baby care center? There is a Baby Care Center in each park. There are private rooms for nursing mothers, baby changing tables, games, toys and movies for toddlers and the most important part of the Baby Care Center, AIR CONDITIONING. Also in the Baby Care Center you will find items for your baby’s needs. These items are also comparatively priced to your local store (it may not be the brand you are looking for though). These items include diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, lotions and powders, bibs and clothes. Now that we know what they are, where are they?
Magic Kingdom- After you “walk right down the middle of Main Street USA” (sorry got the Main Street show in my head), take a left at Casey’s Corner. After Casey’s there is a small path on your left before the Crystal Palace restaurant, down that path you will find the first aid station and the Baby Care Center. Something to look at while in the Baby Care Center at the Magic Kingdom are some of the old time pictures and child care aids of years gone by.
EPCOT- Here the Baby Care Center is located behind the old Oddessey restaurant, (ok where is that?). If you come from Future World, you follow the path behind Test Track, there is a bridge to a building, go to the building and follow it all the way around. There you will find the Baby Care Center and the First Aid Station. From World Showcase there is a path to the left as you are headed to the Mexico Pavilion from the main entrance to World Showcase.
Hollywood Studios- Hollywood Studios has probably the most inconvenient Baby Care Center location of any park. Unlike the rest of the parks this Baby Care Center is not in a central location. It is right next to Sid Cahuenga’s. Sid Cahuenga’s is a memorabilia shop located at the front of the park on the left after you go through the turnstiles, or right if you are head to the turnstiles from Hollywood Blvd.
Animal Kingdom- The Baby Care Center at Animal Kingdom is unlike any other, no it isn’t fancier, there are not more activities, the sole reason is the fact that Animal Kingdom is the hottest park (limited indoor attractions with air conditioning). So where is, this air conditioned paradise located in Animal Kingdom? (Should I really give a secret this good??? I suppose so) This Baby Care Center is located on Discovery Island. If you were walking from the front of the park, it is just past Pizzafari on the left down a small pathway that you can easily miss if you are not looking hard enough. If you are coming from the Africa area, it is on the right just after the bridge from Africa to Discovery Island.
So remember on those hot, hot days at the parks and you and your young children need a diaper change, play break or some quiet movie time during a day at the parks remember those sanctuaries known as Baby Care Centers.

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