Animal Kingdom is the hottest of all the theme parks, there are not many indoor attractions. So how do we tackle this park, unlike Hollywood Studios this park is set up with a central hub idea same as the Magic Kingdom with Discovery Island being the central hub. At rope drop my wife will take the kids over to Kilimanjaro Safari while I go fastpass Expedition Everest. After fastpassing Everest I meet my family at the entrance to the queue. After Kilimanjaro Safari we go to the Pangani Exploration Trail where we can go at the kids pace to explore the animals. We then board the Wildlife Express and head to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. There are some people who are critical of this area because the petting area has goats and sheep to pet and other animals to look at and there are no exotic animals to pet. However inside there are a lot of activity. Some exotic animals are brought out for people to touch and there is staff on hand to explain the observation area for the veterinary operating room. If you have good timing you can observe while medical exams are performed, this does not happen all the time so it truly is luck of the draw. After exploring the area, we head to Everest, while my wife goes on it I fastpass Kali River Rapids and sit for a snack with the kids at the Yak and Yeti. There is also a great place to take the kids to the bathroom there too. After Everest we take the walking tour through the Maharaja Jungle Trek and are out in time for our Kali River Rapids fastpasses. By this time we are hungry and have lunch before tackling Dinoland. In Dinoland we go to the Boneyard and give the kids time to run and play. During this time my wife and I switch off and ride Dinosaur. After the kids have had their fill we go on Triceratops Spin. Before catching the parade and leave for the day we go to Camp Minnie Mickey and see the Festival of the Lion King.
This series of entries are a brief look at the way my family tours the parks there are many different ways and you have to find what works for you. I didn’t list all attractions because we don’t always go on all the attractions or see all the shows due to time constraints, fear factors (we don’t want to share the bed with the kids) and interests. Throughout the years our touring plans have changed multiple times to fit our needs. Find what works for you and have a plan. There is nothing more annoying than the person that stops right in front of you to look at a map or to figure out what they want to do. The toughest thing for me to hear from friends that go the first time and don’t plan is that they had a bad time, even when I stress to them the importance of planning. A Walt Disney World vacation can be the best vacation as long as you plan, but can be the worst if you don’t plan.

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